Spring Mills Power Logo & Uniform Design

In the fall of 2015, we designed a logo and uniform for the Spring Mills Power, an over 30 adult baseball team that participates in the Mountain Valley National Baseball Association.

Spring Mills Power Logo and Uniform text

Part of the joy of being old and delusional is that you get to participate in activities that are meant for much younger people. Being old and delusional myself, I have been a participant in the Mountain Valley National Baseball Association since 2014. For the 2016 season, the league expanded with an over 30 division and the Spring Mills Power is a team in this division. The founder of the team asked me to create a logo for the Power.

In addition to founding teams for over-the-hill athlete wannabes, the owner likes to play music. His style of music is the type that is often turned up to 11 so I thought a play on the Peavey Electronics brand would be appropriate. The result, seen above, was a rockin’ logo and uniform that combined black and red.

Unfortunately, this never got past the design stage as it was deemed too costly to use a custom logo design for adult league uniforms.

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