Rainbow Alligator Princesses Logo

What happens when you let a group of 4-6 year old girls name a softball team? You get a name like Rainbow Alligator Princesses.

This spring, I coached my daughter’s 4-6 year old powder puff softball team. It was a lot of fun that started when I asked the girls what they would like to name the team. The league allowed us to name the team ourselves and the other teams were the Tigers and the Cardinals. Our girls suggested things like princesses, alligators and rainbows. They were ages 4-6 so, what would you expect? I decided to combine the three and we were the Rainbow Alligator Princesses.

Too long to fit on a shirt

That name was too long to fit on our shirt so we went with the less colorful but still creative ‘Peaches’ for our team name. It’s also relevant locally as there are peach orchards in the area.

Rainbow Alligator Princesses Logo

The Problem with a Male Coach

For the last day of the season, we were to have a celebration. I was under the impression that we would do this as a group with all of the teams involved and some sort of coordinated effort to give the girls and end-of-season party. Umm, yeah, I was wrong. I talked to another coach (female) and their team had planned a celebration with food and trophies. I found out about this 3 days before the celebration was to take place. So, naturally, I threw myself into creating a t-shirt to make up for the lack of trophies and food.

I had thought about the Rainbow Alligator Princess logo in the past so I was able to come up with something kind of quick. Thankfully, my t-shirt guy, Matt Denton of Hau Ink was able to turn the shirts out in time to have them at our celebration.

One Last Touch

After the game, we passed out the shirts and some fabric markers and let the girls work on coloring the shirts and signing their names on the back while eating ice cream sandwiches. After all, what’s more baseball than ice cream sandwiches and rainbow alligator princesses?


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