Mountain Valley NABA Logo

  • Mountain Valley NABA 'Stay in the Game' logo

A local adult baseball league, of which I was a member, was in need of branding to help encourage men to consider continuing their baseball careers. We were contracted to create a logo around the “Stay in the Game” branding that they had developed.

After a successful inaugural season that saw five teams participate in the Mountain Valley National Adult Baseball Association (NABA), the league launched a recruitment campaign to help make adults aware of its existence within the community. To that end, they created the “Stay in the Game” slogan.

While the focus of the logo was the slogan, the goal of the logo itself was to use nostalgia, in the form of a traditional diamond, to remind men what it was like to be part of a baseball team and league. The diamond shape and text overlay was designed to work on its own as a shoulder patch to be worn on league uniforms. The silhouettes were added to help remind them of the enjoyment they felt hitting (everyone loves hitting) or pitching.

A secondary goal was to give the league some additional legitimacy with a logo that could be prominently displayed on t-shirts and hoodies. Prominent text and bold colors were used to ensure that the message could be read at a distance.

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