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When you have a startup and need a web presence quickly, your budgets - both time and money - often dictate the path to launch.

A client needed a website for a newly launched landscaping business and the budgetary constraints had us asking ourselves, “What would MacGyver do?”

MacGyver - Deal with it

These were the project requirements:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Small budget
  • Website had to be mobile-friendly
  • Had to have compelling imagery and body copy
  • Needed to be able to collect information from clients via web form

We decided that in a situation like this, a static site built with a pre-designed template was a viable alternative. With the general design of the site taken care of, we were able to focus on the body copy.

We wanted to use the body copy to show that landscaping is a service that you need, not just want. To that end, we found survey data showing both the fiscal and psychological impact of have a well cared for lawn. We used that data on the homepage in a highly visible way to help sell the service.

Web forms often add complexity to a static web project and can add to the development time required. Much like MacGyver would use bubble gum, we used to process our web forms. Formspree takes the hard work out of setting up web form processing on static sites and is free for the first 1000 submissions per month.

With all of our requirements met, we were able to launch this project in a quick, budget-friendly way. All while staying cool under pressure.


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