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  • Bronze awards in both the Summit Interactive and Omni Award Competitions

During the first quarter of 2015, we were hired to redesign, a website for a Martinsburg, WV children’s museum.

The primary goals of the redesign were:

  • Refresh the look of the site, giving it more vibrancy
  • Increase supporter engagement
  • Install a content management system (CMS) to allow FTKBG staff to make changes as needed

The above goals were achieved through the following:

Site Redesign

The site redesign focused on creating a more vibrant site that better reflects the more active nature of the museum. This was accomplished by integrating museum social media channels, adding photos and video from recent museum events, and featuring upcoming events and news on the homepage. The site redesign also included a responsive design that optimizes the site for the device that it is being viewed on (ie. mobile phone, tablet, desktop).

Additionally, we wanted to make it easy for those considering a visit to access the most important information - Hours, Directions and Admission. To achieve this, we created a prominent, persistent navigational structure which pulled these sections out of the primary navigation both on the desktop and mobile layout.

Supporter Engagement

Increased supporter engagement was achieved by increasing the visibility of donate / give buttons and then providing a way to follow up with supporters. The MailChimp email marketing service was integrated to provide a mechanism for building the email subscriber list while providing a solution for managing subscribes.

Corporate sponsors are displayed throughout the site and within the Sponsors section of the site.

In addition to direct supporter engagement through donation options and email subscriber lists, Google Analytics ( has been installed to provide FTKBG staff with website traffic data at regular intervals. This provides museum directors and staff with an overview of traffic on the site, where it comes from (geographically) and how they are reaching the site (search engines, social media, email marketing, etc). This allows the staff to evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion of the site.

Content Management System Installation

The site is managed through a content management system (CMS), which expedited development and allows FTKBG staff to perform updates to site content including news, events and sponsor updates.

We used the ExpressionEngine CMS ( for its ease of use,  extensibility and proven track record.

In addition to installation of the CMS, we also provided one-to-one training to ensure that the FTKBG staff was comfortable with the system and can use it to achieve the desired goals of the site.

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