Basic Christianity Series Graphic

The goal of the project was to visually capture the topics that would be covered in the preaching series ‘Basic Christianity.’

Series Summary The Bible. Jesus. The Gospel. Church. Stewardship. Giving. Community. Discipleship. All these words and subjects have meaning, but what are they? Confusion abounds and clarity is difficult to find when talking about even the most basic of topics. Join The Church at Martinsburg this January as we look at Basic Christianity. We will define terms, set directions, and join together to experience something more than imagined.

Basic Christianity Logo

Hand-Drawn Sketch

I started by coming up with a list of areas and objects could visually represent daily life and how it is impacted by Christianity. Included in the list were:

  • Singing / Worship
  • Money
  • Credit Cards
  • Travel / Missions
  • Meals / Coffee
  • The charge to “Go”
  • Talking over coffee
  • Calendars / Time
  • Compass / Direction
  • Reading / Writing

I then used the Adobe Ideas iPad app to sketch out items in the list.  I then opened the sketch in Adobe Illustrator to add the Basic Christianity text.  The sketch was inspired by the Evernote Moleskines.

The sans-serif, Akzidenz Grotesk was used in bold for the ‘Basic’ text while a light font style of the serif typeface Glypha was used for the ‘Christianity’ text.


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