Applewood Motorcar Redesign

  • Desktop version of Applewood Motorcar Homepage
  • Past Transport Page on Tablet
  • Mobile version of Applewood Motorcar Homepage

In the fall of 2016, we redesigned the website for Applewood Motorcar Transport of Gerrardstown, WV. The primary goal of the redesign was to create a fast, mobile and search engine friendly site based on the design that we created in 2008. In addition to these enhancements, we also installed a content management system.

In 2008, we designed the Applewood Motorcar Transport website. The primary goal of the original site was to be a showcase of the types of transports that Applewood handles (luxury, exotic and classic cars), the services they provide (enclosed transport) and a tool for prospective clients to use to communicate their needs to Applewood staff. At that time, smartphones were still becoming mainstream, but the responsive design development process was still a few years from being codified.

Eight years later, smartphones had become ubiquitous and search engines were promoting fast, mobile-friendly sites above those that lacked mobile interfaces.

Using the original design as a starting point, we created a customized mobile layout that focused on usability and readability. Additionally, we restructured the past transports section of the site, creating discreet pages for each transport, making the site more search engine friendly. Finally, a content management system was installed to create a more user friendly process for updating the site.

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