Incredible Websites, Firebrand Media

This is a great example of the flexibility that #smartvideos provide.

My family dressed up as “The Incredibles” for Halloween (Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Violet and Dash. Sorry, no Jack, Jack. Those days are over). On Oct. 29th, I got the idea for creating a video dressed as Mr. Incredible. I wrote up a script that evening in which Mr. Incredible talks about his life outside of crime fighting - as a web designer (naturally) - and how he gives super powers to websites.

We shot the video on Friday (the 30th) and had it edited and uploaded that evening, in time for Halloween.

We used this video on our homepage for a couple weeks after Halloween and then switched back to our usual “You need a website” video.

Another Benefit, Usability and SEO

Another #smartvideo feature that is displayed with our “Incredible” video is the ability to provide “closed captions.” You’ve no doubt seen closed captions in sports bars or waiting rooms but you rarely see them in online videos. Generally, they are a lot of work because you have to transcribe the video and match it up to the timecode from the video. Like I said, a lot of work. But, with #smartvideos, you are providing us with a script which means that half of the work (transcribing) is already done. It is then just a bit of time adding timecodes to your transcript file and then uploading it with the finished video. This is incredibly powerful for the hearing impaired and there may be a bit of SEO benefit (which we can all use).

With a little bit of creativity, #smartvideos can give you a lot of return in a short amount of time.

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