#smart videos

#smartvideos are short videos that help businesses and organizations use the power of video with minimal time or financial investment. You show up, give us your script, we put it in the teleprompter and start shooting. We handle all of the lighting, sound and post-production.

smart (adj) - quick or prompt in action, as persons, shrewd or sharp… as in business dealings, clever, witty, or readily effective, dashingly or impressively neat or trim, socially elegant, sophisticated or fashionable.

The real magic happens after we end shooting. You simply go back to work and continue doing what you do best and we start doing what we do best. We cut out the bad stuff, accentuate the good stuff with titles and audio and then deliver your finished product to the video delivery service of your choice. We can upload it to your YouTube or Vimeo account or, if you prefer, we can give you a link to download the finished video file which you can then share on your website or favorite social network.

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Still not convinced? Check out some of our past projects below. Click the link below each video to read more about that specific project.

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