About Firebrand Media

Inside Firebrand Media

Firebrand Media is a web design and development firm that specializes in creating websites for those with tight deadlines and small budgets. This means our typical clients are small businesses, non-profits and organizations in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.

We have a simple approach when it comes to working with clients. First, we listen. We listen to their needs, wants, desires and challenges. We then propose creative solutions that will help them achieve those goals and then deliver on those proposals.

We're not afraid of tight deadlines or tight budgets. We are confident that we can craft a solution to meet any deadline or budget.

Solutions that we provide often include the following:

  • Websites with responsive designs
  • Websites that are integrated with a content management system allowing owners to manage their own content and keep their websites updated and fresh
  • Websites that are search engine friendly and use best practices to rank well
  • Websites that are social media friendly and optimized for sharing

In addition to creating great web experiences, we also help clients understand search engine optimization, online marketing, content strategy and social media marketing allowing them to reach their ideal customers.

When we’re not developing websites, we write and talk about web trends and technology, participate in local meetups for web designers and help others become better web users and citizens.

Most of all, we love the web and the potential of the internet and try to help businesses leverage that potential.

If you have an upcoming web project we encourage you to give us a call and we’ll sit down and listen.