SXSW2013: Opening Remarks from Bre Pettis

Description: Makerbot co founder and CEO Bre Pettis talks about the present and the future of the ongoing 3D printing revolution. Pettis will also cover one of the lessons he has learned via many years of attendance at SXSW Interactive. Kick off your 2013 SXSW experience with an inspiring talk from this amazing entrepreneur!

Bre Pettis, Makerbot

The next industrial revolution. How MakerBot users are changing the world. Empowering people to make stuff., 40,000 downloadable things.

Makerbots made in Brooklyn!

3D printing in education. An education in manufacturing that you would only get in college. What if when I was 10, I’d had a makerbots?

When you are a makerbots dad you can solve problems! When your daughter is 41.5” tall and wants to ride the amusement park rides, you can make inserts to make her taller.

Makerbot Digitizer, prototype displayed on stage, commercial product available in the fall.

Makerbot Digitizer Specs:

  • 2” to 8” cylinders
  • Two lasers, a webcam, scans a physical object
  • Scans in 3 minutes
  • Works in indoor light
  • Complements the Makerbot 3D printer
  • Optimized for 3D printing: automatically get printable, water-tight models
  • An easy entry into the 3D world

Makerbot teams up with Autodesk. 123D Creature app to make creatures.

Don’t just buy things, make things! Join the next industrial revolution!

Audience Questions

  • How much is a Makerbot? $2200
  • Where do you think 3D printing will have the biggest impact? As a force of goodness in the world!
  • What is the biggest hurdle to 3D adoption? Price or ease of use? It has become affordable.
  • How will 3D printing transform mass manufacturing? When you have a Makerbot, you can innovate from a manufacturing standpoint and skip the cost of manufacturing.
  • Advice? As an entrepreneur, you have to believe it’s possible.

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