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Yesterday, I lamented the ethereal nature of digital memories and how I didn’t trust my memories to be locked inside a hard drive. Serendipitously, I saw an article in my RSS reader that kept analog in the front of my mind for at least another day.

The video, “Film didn’t die with Kodak’s Chapter 11” looks at how photographers are rediscovering film. Interestingly, part of the resurgence is attributed to the filters that have become ubiquitous in apps like Instagram, Hipstamatic and just about every mobile phone app.

A similar trend has been seen in music with vinyl sales growing 49% from 2013 to 2014 (The Biggest Music Comeback of 2014: Vinyl Records, WSJ.com). I have also read about how vintage manual typewriters are being used creatively (Five Practical Uses for a Vintage Manual Typewriter, WJS.com) in homes and businesses.


So, why does there seem to be a resurgence of the analog? Maybe it’s more fun to use a physical object than a digital object. Maybe it’s the challenge of learning to properly use the analog version. Maybe we’re just tired of looking at our phone for every single aspect of our lives. What do you think?

A Business Opportunity

Here’s a free business opportunity for you. Find the next digital to analog area for resurgence and start a business.

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