SXSW2011: South by Southwest, Day 2

SXSW2011: South by Southwest, Day 2 Picture

A week later and I’m finally posting part two of my South by Southwest session schedule.

A week later and I’m finally posting part two of my South by Southwest session schedule. Day one, Saturday, March 12 is posted here and my photos from SxSW are posted on

I was eagerly anticipating day two because of the people that were going to be on the panels and the respect that I have for them professionally.  People like Jeffrey Zeldman, Ethan Marcotte, Jim Coudal and Dan Mall.

15 Slides, Three Writers, Three Ways—One Hour

Session 1, Sunday, 9:30am

In this presentation, you will see the same set of 15 slides—three times. Three different writers will walk through the same set of slides and explain their approaches to getting started, editing ideas, figuring out how to get unstuck, and understanding when they’re done. Part improv and part preparation, this presentation will give you three totally different and unexpected perspectives regarding the art of writing.

Social marketing in real time

Session 2, Sunday 11am

How to Engage Your Market, Connect with Customers, and Create Products that Grow Your Business Now. In every market, there is room for smart organizations to seize market share and improve profits by providing a product or service or communications initiative at speed. Real-time marketing and public relations is when organizations respond to events as they occur. It’s when companies develop (or refine) products or services instantly, based on feedback from customers or events in the marketplace. And it’s when businesses see an opportunity and are the first to act on it.

No Excuse: Web Designers who can’t code

Session 3, Sunday 12:30am

Some of the most important design decisions happen in code.

“In 2009, I gave a talk at the Build conference in Belfast with what I thought was a fairly uncontroversial premise: web designers should write code. Since then, the subject has sparked more than a few debates, including a particular heated pile-on when Elliot Jay Stocks tweeted that he was ‘shocked that in 2010 I’m still coming across web designers who can’t code their own designs. No excuse.’

In a recent interview, Jonathan Ive said ‘It’s very hard to learn about materials academically, by reading about them or watching videos about them; the only way you truly understand a material is by making things with it.’ He’s talking about product design, but the principle is just as relevant to the Web (if not more so).

‘The best design explicitly acknowledges that you cannot disconnect the form from the material—the material informs the form…. Because when an object’s materials, the materials’ processes and the form are all perfectly aligned…. People recognize that object as authentic and real in a very particular way.’

As our industry grows and roles get more specialized, it’s possible to become a ‘web designer’ without more than a cursory understanding of the fundamental building materials of the Web: the code.

Is this just the price of progress? Are the days of the web craftsman soon to be in the past? Or is a hybrid approach to web design and development something worth preserve?”

Keynote: Chris Poole (4Chan/canvas)

Session 4, Sunday, 2:00pm

Jeffrey Zeldman’s Awesome Internet Design Panel

Session 5, Sunday, 5:00pm

Dan Mall (Big Spaceship)
Jeffrey Zeldman (Happy Cog)
Mandy Brown (Typekit)
Roger Black (Roger Black Studio Inc)

He brought us The Web Standards Project, A List Apart, Designing With Web Standards, A Book Apart, and so much more. Now legendary blogger, designer, and creative gadfly Jeffrey Zeldman brings us a SXSW panel. There will be discussion. There will be special guests. Quotable insights will fly faster than your fingers can peck them into Twitterific. Combustible wit will fill the room. And in the end, we’ll all be a little wiser than we were.


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