Is there a local service, website or business that you really enjoy? Let them know.

Is there a local service, website or business that you really enjoy? Let them know. Picture

Positive feedback is a great motivator for a small business or, in this case, website. If there is a website or service that you like, you should do your best to let them know that you appreciate what they’re doing.

As you may or may not know, is a project that we started back in 2006. Momentum on the project tends to ebb and flow, mostly with the peaks and valleys of client work.

One aspect of the site that we are fairly consistent with is our weekly email newsletter, The Weekly, sent every Friday morning. This morning, we sent issue 160 of the weekly. Open rates for The Weekly are consistently between 30 - 40% and Friday tends to be our highest traffic day of the week due in large part to the traffic that arrives via email.

We don’t usually get a lot of feedback about what we’re doing with but when we do it’s usually due to the fact that we neglected to add an event to our email newsletter or someone wants to correct a business listing because it has outdated contact info. Negative feedback. So, when I get a call regarding, I tend to cringe. It’s funny how your body can react in a split second when you sense the topic of a conversation.

This morning, I received one of those calls. I reflexively cringed. Then the person on the other phone thanked me for the service that we ( provides. What a great boost on a Friday morning! Positive feedback like that can be fuel for a project that rarely gets it.

The question is, is there a business or service that you love? Have you thanked them for what they do? You don’t have to call them up and tell them. Find them on Facebook or Twitter and thank them. You never know how that can impact their day and their overall outlook.

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