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Back in 2011, I wrote an article titled “10 Things Your Business Can Do To Get Started on Facebook.” In that article, one of my recommendations was for businesses to get a Facebook vanity URL. A Facebook vanity URL is simply a shorter, self selected address that you can give your business page. This type of URL makes it easy to share (and remember) the web address for your Facebook page.

Since then, the terminology and process for getting this type of URL has changed so I have decided to provide new instructions on how to do this. Based on the frequency of Facebook updates, this will probably be accurate for the next 14 minutes.

Why do this?

Creating a Facebook Page AddressAs I explained in the 2011 article, Facebook URLs are pretty long and hard to share. For example, the original URL for my Facebook page was Not easy to remember or share. The vanity URL on the other hand is, which is easy to remember and share.

How to do this?

Before we get started, I have provided an image to show the steps involved. If you prefer, you can view the full size image (as opposed to the scaled down version).

First, if you haven’t already, log-in to your Facebook page.

Next, click on the Edit Page button in the Admin Panel and then click on the Update Page Info link. This will open the “Page Info” page where you can edit the name of your page, the category, etc.

The second option down is “Page Address.” This will display a custom page address, if you have one. As you can see in the image (right - step 2), I have set a custom page address for the Facebook page. To edit the page address, simply click on the “Edit” link.

Finally, supply your preferred page address (based on availability) and click on “Save Changes.”

With the new page address set, you can begin sharing the new, easy to remember - you did make it easy to remember, right? - Facebook page address.

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