EE for Orgs, Membership has its privileges (Continued)

EE for Orgs, Membership has its privileges (Continued) Picture

Need a member-driven website for your non-profit or foundation? Looking to manage multiple levels of user access, member-created content, user profiles, organization events and more? Yeah, you can do that. And, ExpressionEngine’s native member capabilities get even better when paired with Calendar and Profile:Edit, meaning you don’t have to abandon your design to get the functionality you want.

  • Session Three (continued)
  • 02:00 PM - 03:30 PM
  • Chris Newton, MightyBigRobot
  • Channels and Templates are the killer app features in EE
  • Member system is really built for forums
  • Not an appropriate tool for current needs
  • Profile:Edit ($64.99) solves the problems that EE has

Challenges with the built-in member system

  • 40+ templates for members
  • Awkward to work with
  • Not flexible enough
  • No advance validation
  • No admin ability to edit members on the front end
  • Difficult to relate a channel entry to multiple members
  • Single profile per member
  • Little control over redirection upon login / registration

Profile:Edit Adds

  • Member data is no different than channel data
  • Member data is a channel entry
  • Front end member admin
  • Advanced validation & inline error reporting
  • Advance field types can be used (i. Matrix and Playa)
  • Uses standard template system
  • Member profiles treated like all other pieces of data
  • Multiple profiles per member
  • Can be used with other member systems

Case Studies: Bibbulmun Track

  • Front-end dashboard administration
  • Front-end creation of new members
  • Advanced registration forms for admins
  • Import thousands of users & member data
  • Extend P:E with additional validation automation
  • Multiple profiles (1 for each family member of registrant)
  • Integration of member data with CartThrob

Data Importing

  • Imports from EE member profiles, text files, existing channels
  • Handles high import volumes
  • Automatically creates member profile if missing or deleted
  • Can be used with AJW Datagrab and other channel data importers

Upcoming Features

  • Profile Tab
  • Member batch actions
  • Developer hooks
  • Template examples using Twitter Bootstrap

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