Dev Diary: ITP Day 3

Today, my plan was to do more work on the event calendar, focusing more on the calendar pages, as opposed to the event pages. The problem is that I need to make a decision on how I want to display events on the main calendar page. Instead of diving into code, instead, I broke out my trusty pencil and notebook and started sketching. As I sat to start sketching, I realized that I lost focus of my goal as stated in my first entry. Focus on mobile With that in mind, the layout decisions get a bit clearer. What should a user see when they arrive at the events page on a mobile device? Today’s events.

Event Calendar Page Sketch


This led to some further thinking about the layout of the site, especially on mobile.

  • How important is it that each page have a branded, or heavily branded, header that includes the logo and title of the site?
  • Would a logo, title of the section, for example “Event Calendar” and a nav menu button be sufficient (better use of space)? 

Thinking specifically about the calendar, I have decided that each calendar will have its own icon. For example, the Business / Networking calendar will be represented by an icon. These icons will be displayed next to the event title in the list view on the site to allow easy visual filtering of events. 

Solspace Calendar Specific Notes

  • {embed="testcalinc/side_column"} contains the mini calendar and a list of calendars available.


  • Created a bare-bones calendar day page to display all events for a specific day, in this case, Thanksgiving day 2012. This layout includes too much information (location, summary, etc) for a mobile layout so I have commented that code out for now and will revisit it on the desktop version.
  • Added two more fonts to the fontello stack. Right and left arrows for tomorrow and yesterday to navigate the calendar by day.

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