Dev Diary: ITP Day 2

Day two of my Redesign Diary. Today I started to tackle the event calendar and also stumbled upon a solution to a problem that I would eventually run into.


Part of my reluctance to quickly move on the redesign was the knowledge that the move from EE1.7 to 2.x was sure to be a bit painful due to the old plugins that are installed and would need upgraded, or replaced. One such plugin was NGen File Field which has been used throughout the site. I just happened to run into a discussion that provided insight into how to best do this. I’ll file this away for later. 

Another plug-in that needed to be transitioned away from was the Repeet module that I am using on the 1.7 version of the site. There are basically two options for replacing Repeet. Calendar from Solspace and LowEvents from Lodewijk Schutte. At this point I’m focused on making Calendar work because I often have a need to bake up multiple schedules for a single event and LowEvents doesn’t currently offer this functionality. I have used LowEvents on past projects and it’s dead simple to use. I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, the ITP event calendar needs something with a bit more muscle.

I discovered Fontello on one of my recent projects and have begun to implement that for all icons. The first icon is a calendar icon to emphasize a link for downloading individual events to ical or Outlook. You can see it in the image below (circled in green). The big advantage is that these types of embedded font / icons is that they excel on High PPI (Retina) displays, where standard graphics formats (PNG, GIF, JPG) fail. Dev Diary - Day 2


At this point I have managed to deconstruct the standard event detail template and work it into my bare-bones, mobile friendly template

Areas of concern

  • Facebook width issue.
  • Switching to using the Entry ID in the URL as opposed to the Entry_URL as I am currently using. Since these are events and past events that are currently in Repeet will no longer be accessible, I don’t think this will be a huge SEO / SERP issue. We’ll see.
  • With the redesign now underway, it looks as if I’ll have to start adding events to both the new calendar publishing channel and the legacy calendar channel. Double work. More motivation to really get cracking!

Next Steps

  • Meta data needs to be addressed in both the article template and the calendar event details template.

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