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I’m diving back into blogging here at Firebrand Media and I thought I should do it right this time. I don’t want to blog just to say that I’m blogging. I want the blogging that is done here on the Firebrand Media site to be beneficial to both the reader and the business, so I have decided to start working through a resource that I picked up from some time ago - 31 Days to Build a Better Blog (Darren Rowse,

The redesign of the Firebrand Media (FM) site - which is under way, I promise you - provides a great opportunity for me to start blogging again. While I have been tweeting via the Firebrand Media twitter account (@firebrandmedia) I haven't had a lot to tweet about, mostly due to the fact that I'm not creating a lot of in-house content. An improved blog should allow me to become more active on Twitter (and Facebook… another page that is in the works).

Over the course of the next month (or two, or three… depending on how dedicated I am to the workbook and how much my schedule will allow it) I will be building a better blog. Considering I don't currently have a blog, I think the outlook for success is pretty good.

Assignment one: create an elevator pitch for the blog.

An elevator pitch is something we've talked a lot about here at the office. It is especially important when you are visiting networking groups, of which we do on a regular basis. The difference is that we have created an elevator pitch related to the business and that same elevator pitch does not adequately describe the blog.

To develop an elevator pitch for the blog, I needed to really define what the blog will be about. What problem am I trying to solve with my blog? Who is my Audience? What will I be passionately blogging about?

The blog will be an extension of our business, which exists to help other businesses - specifically small businesses in our geographic region (eastern WV, northern VA and western MD) - use the internet and online tools to market their businesses.

Specifically, I expect that the blog will touch on graphic design, web development, web hosting, social networking, and mobile apps and how they relate to small business and how small businesses can realistically use them to connect with customers and increase business.

So, the elevator pitch for the Firebrand Media blog is… "A blog for small businesses to help them understand and make use of the marketing tools that are available online."

"A blog dedicated to helping small businesses make, manage and market better websites."

The more succinct (and possibly, too cute) elevator pitch is "Making the internet big business for small business." Sounds like something you'd see on a bumper sticker. Yeah, I hate it too.

Finally, one of the difficult things to convey to most business owners is the amount of time it takes to develop and maintain a successful internet presence. As I blog, I'm going to keep track of the amount of time spent working on blog entries and display it with the entry. You can find the amount of time spent in the upper right, in the "About this article" section of the page. This will be a good way for me to share with visitors just how much time it takes to maintain a blog / site. Yeah, that didn't work out. Writing is hard enough but keeping track of the time just felt like work!

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