Celebrating 10 Years of Firebrand Media

It’s January 1st, 2015 and until I received a notification from LinkedIn, I had no idea that Firebrand Media was 10 years old. So, thanks LinkedIn.

A lot has changed in 10 years. I was sitting my home office in Morgantown, WV when I registered the business and now I’m sitting in Martinsburg, WV trying to keep a 7 year old and a 5 year old from jumping on me as I type.

I started this business because I had a passion for creating websites.

So much happens in the day to day of running a business that you sometimes lose focus of your original goals. Or, at least, I lose focus. You trade your original goal (creating great websites) for a short-term opportunity (paying the bills). The problem that I have is that I find myself saying “Yes” when I should probably be saying “No.” Ultimately, saying yes to every type of project (whether print, graphic design, direct mailing (why do I own a sorting machine?), shows a lack of confidence in your ability to pay the bills with your original idea. It leads to a fractured, unfocused business that can never be great at anything. I want to be great.

The fourth quarter of 2014 has me excited about what’s ahead for 2015 and the opportunity to be great. A renewed focus on web development. Interesting upcoming projects. Positive feedback from clients. Exciting partnerships with amazingly creative people. I can’t wait.

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